Traditional metal braces are the symbol of orthodontics. They are proven to correct dental issues ranging from mild to complex. Adding coloured elastics (rubber bands) you create a more colourful smile.


Clear brackets are made from clear and durable ceramics. The clear ceramic material blends with the color of your teeth, giving a discreet touch to your treatment. They won’t stain over time.

Clear Aligners

The aligners are the new alternative to straight your teeth. They are comfortable invisible and removable. Dr Lili during your consultation will guide you and clearly explain if your case is eligible to be treated with this treatment option. Some of the benefits of using aligners is that you can eat and drink what you want while in treatment, Also easy process to brushing and flossing



Brushing is the first step in your oral hygiene routine. Large and small particles are now trapped between the braces and wires and removing them becomes more difficult. This is why we recommend dedicating a special time to the brushing process, which can now take longer and be more tedious.

Following these Steps the process will be more simple. 

  1. Use a dry brush with a small amount of toothpaste. Place bristles where gums and teeth meet.
  2. Use circular, vibrating motions around the gum lines. 10 seconds on each tooth.
  3. Brush each arch slowly. Make certain you brush every individual tooth.
  4. Brush the lower teeth up and the upper teeth down. Brush your tongue and the roof of your mouth too.


The wire that joins the braces now makes the process of flossing more complex. However, it is important to ensure clean surfaces between the interdental spaces to avoid the appearance of interproximal caries, and the trapping of food that favors the inflammation of the gums and eventually the progression of periodontal disease. 

To do this, follow these steps that describe the process clearly and simply.

Following these Steps the process will be more simple. 

  1. Carefully pull unwaxed floss between wire and braces.
  2. 2 floss threaders may be helpful.
  3. Floss carefully around the braces.
  4. Floss carefully around the gum area. Floss carefully around each tooth